About Our Company

Healthcare Perfection BCC, LLC was formed out of compassion for patients and the physicians who care for them. You see, there is something special about the love and passion that health care professionals show for others, and we are happy to be a part of this industry.

There is nothing more fulfilling than being a part of an organization that cares about others. “Bill the patient” is just not an acceptable response to our company when the patient is absolutely not at fault for underpayments imposed by the insurance company for out of network providers.

Our company does not accept the lack of organization seen in the offices of in-network providers, which, in turn, results in the insurance companies not having to honor their contract, and we want to help!

Both in- and out-of-network providers have spent their time attending years of medical school for the benefit of our communities and health. We will not allow that time to be discounted and shortchanged by the insurance companies! We want you to spend less time trying to figure out tedious administrative tasks and more time with our community and your patients!

Vision Statement

For out-of-network providers, our vision statement is "Fact. Law. Strategy." We review all the facts because we believe, every claim, every patient, and every insurance company are different.

This is where most billing companies fail you in getting you the correct reimbursement. They do not take the time to research the claim properly. Instead, they send your claims through the same exact never-ending cycle of nonpayment or reduced payment all because they are only interested in getting a small percentage of your volume of patients.


We review the law because we have clients and insurance companies we bill and collect for in different states. Although we are based in Texas, we understand how the laws, policies, and procedures used to process a claim change are different because we have the advantage and level of expertise from the insurance industry.

Reviewing the laws on both sides increase your overall revenue, as we are able to get you a better profit from the excellent care you have provided to each patient. We promise to use the same level of commitment health care professionals have for their patients to get them the level of reimbursement they deserve.

We develop a strategy that ensures our overall outcome will be successful and additional funds for our out-of-network providers who share the same level of thinking we do. "No contract means I want every single cent for the work I have performed; I refuse to pay the insurance company for work that I performed with my supplies and my time!"

For in-network providers, we understand that insurance companies have agreed to pay a certain amount for each CPT code within your fee schedule, and we plan to bill according to your specialty and make sure you are not missing any additional reimbursement for a procedure you are performing.

We know the most common denials you face are for timely filing, incidental/mutually exclusive procedures, benefits maxed, and no record of membership. Allowing Healthcare Perfection BCC, LLC to take control of insurance verification, pre-authorization, billing, and coding will eliminate these denials and put the money used to fight these denials back into your practice!